Most of the Social Media Ads Targeting the Android Gamers Are 'Dark'

The gaming industry has seen a sudden boom and it is no longer just fun and entertainment, it has become a serious business. According to an estimate, the gaming industry is making more than the music and film industry combined. The day is near when video gaming contests will be held as an Olympic or world cup level gaming contest. When it comes to marketing, more companies are focusing on digital media marketing to reach their audience. However, according to a recent report, these social media ads for gaming are extremely targeting making it invisible for the general public. This method of marketing is known as dark marketing.

According to recent research conducted by Gfk and digital measurement provider Brandtotal, it was revealed that dark marketing is now making up almost 88% of social media spending. This is the reason, most of the general public doesn’t get exposed to the annoying ads that they are not interested in. Dark marketing is not just limited to the gaming industry only; this is becoming a trend for all businesses. More than 900 brands targeted the Android gaming audience with the dark marketing strategy ads on all their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for seven days during August.

The study also revealed the importance of the gaming industry for the advertisers and their advertisement business. Also, gamers are now more involved in advertisement and its study says that 53% of the mobile gamers said that advertisement helped them receive updates about the games and revealed products that they wanted or showed interest in. When asked if most of the gamers will like to buy something just because the advertisement was attractive, 43% of the gamers revealed that they would like to buy something from a brand with a good advertisement.

It seems that the madmen era of advertisement is coming right back, but this time the men are going after the digital marketing. The results of the study have clearly revealed that if no one is buying your product, you are not selling it hard enough.

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