Despite the rise of in-app purchases in App Store, Android is still topping iOS users in mobile gaming

As compared to iOS, Android apps usually generate more downloads but if you take a look at the tendency of users to spend time on apps and in-app purchases you’ll see iOS apps gaining more than Android. According to IDC, more than 85 percent of the world’s smartphones run on Android operating system so game developers cannot simply ignore this fact. A new report published by LiftOff reveals that the cost to acquire iOS users is $4.85 and it costs $3.21 to gain an Android user. Along with the lower cost, the higher engagement rates for Android makes the Android users more appealing to gamers as compared Apple customers.

According to a report by App Annie, the downloads of Google Play’s app store grew more than 10 percent in the first quarter of 2019 as compared to a year earlier, which takes the platform of Android on the lead over Apple’s App store to 170 percent. According to the report, the rise and fall in the sales of mobile devices also affect the economy of the app. Google is trying to compete with Apple Arcade service with the launch of its Paid Subscription service to its app store for Android devices.

Along with higher engagements on platforms, the trending content also plays a vital role for app marketers to include in their advertisements. When the cost to acquire a user dropped to $7.93, the engagement rates also dropped to 44 percent in April and along with the 11 percent rise of user cost also raised the engagements with more than 61 percent in December.

According to Liftoff, game developers should also take notice of the developing markets for growth. The cost to install an app also varies with the developed markets. Like in China, the cost to install an app is $1.32 and for Brazil, it's $1.42. China covers more than 25 percent total of the global mobile games market and it is expected to grow from 598 million in 2018 to 728 million by the end of 2023.

Liftoff's report further reveals that, Android will become the future for game developers with its rise in in-app spending and its lower cost to acquire a user.

The trends led these marketers to officially declare 2020 as the year of Android gaming.

Since 2018, the cost to acquire Android user increased 10 percent to $33.83 which is still less as compared to the acquiring cost of iOS user which is $36.63. The marketers also noticed a fall in the games of Apple-made devices from 21 percent in 2018 to 13 percent in 2019.

Liftoff analyzed more than 82 million installs, 14 million first in-app purchases from 555 gaming apps and 107 billion ad impressions between June 2018 to May 2019. This research led them to a decision to consider the Android platform as the future of game developers.

Bottom Line

Although iOS users spend more time on in-app purchases but Android covers majority of the digital devices nowadays so the rise in the usage of gaming apps on Android platform is an indication that Android will be the future for a gaming app.

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