These Are The Top 10 Highest-Paid Gamers In The World

We still remember how a first website was launched over the internet back in the 90s and now millions of websites are operating on the internet. Technology is upgrading every day. On a daily basis, companies are trying to deliver new products and services to users to engage them on the platform in a variety of ways.

Nowadays, the majority of people rely on the internet as a source of their income. Generating revenue on the internet was never easy as it is made possible now. YouTube has always been known as the platform that helps users to generate revenue on the basis of views received on the videos posted by content creators, however, YouTube is not the only platform that offers revenue-generating opportunities to its users.

Getting paid by playing games you love

Who doesn’t love to make money by the things we like. We think each and every person have an inner gamer hidden inside which sometimes gets carried away due to responsibilities of earning money for not just themselves but for their families as well and we think that perspective is also changing now. Now people can actually earn a decent amount of fortune by playing games. Yes, you got that right, now you can also earn money just by playing the games you love.

There are varieties of gaming companies that offer real money to its players and people are actually earning a huge amount of money through it as well. So, we all are curious to know how much a gamer earns the highest in the world and to know about the lowest-earning gamer in the world as well.

According to eSportsearnings, N0tail - real name Johan Sunstein is a professional gamer of Dota 2. He is just 26 years old and already won a total of $6,889,592 from 109 tournaments, earning an average of $64 thousand making him the highest-earning player in the world of all time. Username JerAx is considered the second highest-earning gamer with the amount of $6.47 million whereas Maroun Marhej with username GH earns the second lowest with the amount of 4.09 million and Sumail Hassan with a user name of Sumail from Pakistan is the lowest-earning gamer with an amount of $3.59 million.

Chart: These Are The Top 10 Highest-Paid Gamers In The World
Chart courtesy of: Statista.

According to eSports, the money earned by elite players has risen in the last year and the player earning the highest profit is N0tail with Dota 2. This year, The International tournament is expected to be the highest payday for all the players with the winning team returning home with $3.12 million.

Earning money through games is not as easy as you might think; most the players have created their own space to specifically play games so that no one disturbs them during that time. But still earning money via playing games is something we all would love to do right? So what are you waiting for? Start playing!

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