G Suite Users to Get Material Design on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google has been making numerous changes to its styling and appearance, and while the vast majority of users have received updates that have made the appearances of the apps they are using in line with the official Google aesthetic, G Suite users have yet to receive the required updates so far. However, it seems that the users that have been waiting for these updates for quite an extended period of time are now finally going to see the new aesthetic that Google has been pushing for quite some time now.

The Material Design aesthetic will be rolling out to three apps that G Suite users have available to them. These three apps are Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Material Design essentially involves rounder edges, a softer aesthetic palette as well as different typefaces that you can use. Additional iconography is also being added to the mix which will certainly aid in users being able to identify particular features simply by looking at them.

The important thing to remember is that this is not going to change the functionality of these applications or indeed the wider range of services that Google offers in any way whatsoever. Instead it is a purely aesthetic change, one that Google is implementing in order to give their products a new look that would give users a fresh visual that they can look at.

Another thing of note is that the update is coming to G Suite users several months after it was launched for the wider public, and there are several possible reasons for this being the case. One reason is that G Suite requires a system wide update in order to be stable, and this can be tricky to do without affecting the functionality of these products which is why Google took their time with this update.

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