Reddit Is Taking the Help of Snapchat to Reach Teenage Audience

Reddit is a famous platform for sharing memes, viral videos, exceptional stories and discussing informative topics. Even with all these things, it seems that the platform is only popular among tweens or middle-age people and it has failed to make its mark among teenagers. Reddit is now looking to attract a younger generation of an audience to their platform and what is a better way to collaborate with a platform that is used mostly by just teenagers.

In a recent update, Reddit has collaborated with Snapchat to attract teenagers, now the users can share content from Reddit to Snapchat directly. Snapchat has long been a source of providing external links, the swipe up feature was mainly introduced by Snapchat to help the viewers reach the external link right away without any extra effort. Developers at Reddit are relating these new features with a transformational success. According to the new features of inserting Reddit link, the user does not have to add the link through the same boring swipe up feature, instead, they can attach a sticker to their snap story, once the receiver gets the snap, a simple swipe up will lead directly to the landing page.

Although Reddit has long been in business and it has never struggled with finding a new audience, the platform in its self is known as an institute for some of the extremely entertaining stories, however, this is the first time reedit is taking help from a native social share function. Previously, the users have either been posting a screenshot or just sharing the stories and videos on the platform only. With this integration, experts and authorities are hoping to attract more users towards Reddit through other platforms.

According to an estimate, most of the users on Snapchat are either teens or tweens, which means they go for visually appealing apps and platforms, whereas, Reddit is an information-based platform and entertainment-based app. By collaborating an information-based platform with the visually appealing platform, the management is trying to incorporate both aspects of the appeal. Experts are expecting phenomenal results in this regard with the help of both entertainment and visual appeal. This is not the first time, two remarkable names have come together for collaboration, previously Venmo and Tinder have also collaborated with Snapkit for their features.

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