Facebook is Working on a New Desktop Design Packed with some Interesting Functionalities!

It has become nearly impossible to avoid social media in the current age. The platforms that were initially created for connecting the world have become bigger than that. Now, people need these services for professional and educational reasons as well. Among the different social media platforms, Facebook is unarguably the most successful one. To maintain its top spot however, it needs to keep on evolving.

Recently, a Pakistani Twitter user named “anastipu” tweeted about Facebook inviting him to try out its new desktop design. He attached multiple screenshots covering his experience surfing the new design. As expected, there are some cool changes in store for Facebook users across the globe!

According to Facebook itself, the new design will help users in finding things easily through its new streamlined navigation. Also, the font size will be comparatively large and layouts will be simpler. Most interestingly, if users navigate away from the News Feed, their spot will remain saved and they can pick up right from where they left off.

The new addition that people are talking about the most is the dark mode. Anastipu mentioned in his Twitter post that the new design will have it. Users will be presented with the options to either choose the light or dark mode.

For what it’s worth, the home section (containing the user’s profile icon as well as their most visited pages, upcoming events etc.) will appear on the left side of the screen.

As of yet, it hasn’t been revealed when this new design will go live or if there are any additional changes that are in the works. Perhaps, we all will have to wait to find it out. Stay tuned for further updates.

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