Now you can add your own Home Geofilters in your Snaps on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the largest platforms that is pretty much more famous among teenagers as compared to other age groups. Communicating with your friends on daily basis is something all youngsters love to do and sharing live pictures of the daily routine is incredibly important for today’s friends. So, Snapchat is the platform that offers this variety of services for its users to make the communication with their friends more secure and intimate.

In the current version of Snapchat, there are selected areas where you can see geofilters and sometimes it gets really annoying when you want to share your location with your friends through your snaps but can’t because the geofilter for your home isn’t available. Well, that is about to change now.

Snapchat is currently developing a new Home geofilter option for its users to add in their snaps and this is something we all have been waiting for so long. Snapchat is currently working on a new option for its users to enable them to create simple, free geofilters tagged in their home address which visitors nearby their home can add in their snaps whenever they visit.

More insight of Home filter option

According to an app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, the new ‘Home Filter’ option will be available to you in your profile settings under the existing Bitmoji option. From there, users can easily activate the Home Filter option and can also choose who among selected friends can see the filters.

This Home Filter option will be accessible to users in the same way public places have available community filters for users and this feature won't be available to businesses as they are required to pay for their selected geofilters.

After enabling the option of Home Filter, Snapchat will be providing users a wide range of simple Home filter templates according to the Bitmoji likeness of the users and the users can also add text to the design and apply it to their Home location as well. To not let the tool misused by others, users would only be able to change their Home address once in every 30 days which will limit the capacity of tool usage.

Bottom Line

This new update might be a simple step by the platform to expand app user engagements and this fairly limited functionality can be a fun option for Snapchatters and their friends as well. Although businesses can use the same option of Home filters to create one filter for their store location but as Snapchat requires businesses to pay for Geofilters. Majority of the Snapchat users use this app to stay connected with their close friends and family and this new minor app addition might prove to be more beneficial for the platform. Although there is no official statement from Snapchat itself regarding its official roll-out but we are really looking forward to it.

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