Instagram tests a new sticker in Stories – allows users to send out invites

Jane Manchun Wong, our Go-to reverse engineering expert recently shared a screenshot where we can see that Instagram is testing out a new feature. According to her tweet, the social media platform is allowing users to send out ‘Invites’ stickers through Instagram Story. The stickers, when launched will allow them to include all the relevant details about the event such as date, location, etc.

It would also come up with an RSVP option that would enable the invited person to directly send their confirmation.

Besides using it for personal events, the brands can also benefit significantly from the new feature. for example, they can use the Stickers to invite the followers for product launches, webinars, Question and Answers sessions, live revealing, etc. in fact, the screenshot shared in Wong’s tweet indicates that the same can be utilized for both – real-world events as well as digital programs.

Although there is no official release date mentioned by the developers at Instagram, we can expect it to launch within a couple of months – similar to other discoveries made by Wong.

Once it is officially launched, the feature would offer another form of connection for Instagram users – which is what the idea of Stories was all about!

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