Facebook Makes Search Ads Available to All Businesses

The primary method that Facebook uses for the purpose of earning as much money as possible is selling ads on its platform. One new form of ads that Facebook has been experimenting with is the search ads, which basically places an ad within the search results that a user would receive after making a specific search query.

This is a useful way for brands and companies to get the message across. Basically if a user ends up searching for something that falls into a niche that a specific advertiser is trying to target, that advertiser would find their ad popping up in the search results. Since the user in question is already looking into the niche that the advertiser is trying to target it seems more likely that the user would end up being able to make the most of the ad and clicking on it for the purposes of finding out a little bit more about it all in all.

For quite some time, Facebook was testing this feature out and so it was not available to everyone. This is soon about to change, since Facebook is expanding access to this form of advertising to pretty much anybody that wants to advertise on the platform.

In fact, search ads are now going to be signed up for by default if you opt for automatic placement which basically gives Facebook control over where your ads are seen. If you don’t want your ads to appear in search results you will have to manually deselect this option, although this probably isn’t going to be all that much of an issue because of the fact that most companies would want their ads appearing in search results.

The expanded availability of this advertising platform is probably going to attract a lot more brands to Facebook and make it more likely that they would want to advertise there.

Reach people who are actively shopping with ads in Facebook Search Results

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