You May Soon Be Able To Send Broadcast with The Help of this New Facebook Page Feature

Facebook is now becoming a business hub where people either try to sell their stuff or advertise their business to generate leads. The platform has grown into a place that provides equal opportunity to everyone who wants to start a business, promote services and use the platform to generate brand awareness for an already established business. For page and group admins, Facebook is now trying to make things easier by introducing various innovative features and new updates that can help them with the process.

In a recent attempt to make things easier for the page admins and marketers to send broadcasts to the page fan and followers, Facebook is now testing a send broadcast option (a feature that's already working well on Whatspp). This will help the admin to send updates about the brand and business directly in the private message section of the users. Once the admin opens up the inbox message on the page, there will be a small broadcast icon. On clicking this icon, the handler will reach a page with title, create a broadcast. The admin is then required to select the audience for the broadcast, this audience selection means that the admin needs to either sort the audience according to a category or simply by adding all the people available in the audience. The admin can further add an image or attach a button link that can lead the audience to the website. Once admins have drafted a message, they can later send the message to the audience. This new feature was recently revealed by Matt Navvara via a tweet (who spotted this on iOS device) which includes a simple layout map of the whole process.

The only issue is that every page is granted a monthly limit of two broadcasts per month. According to experts, it seems that Facebook may have a planned paid broadcast message option to help the page handlers send more broadcast messages than the monthly limit. This means that if admins have surpassed their monthly limit, they can pay for it and send more broadcast messages. However, this is a far-fetched idea and it is not applicable now.

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