Google Chrome 77 Brings Site Isolation to All Users

A big problem that a lot of users are facing on the internet these days has to do with the fact that a large number of sites are being used to route harmful and malicious software into their computers. Malicious actors often mask their footprint through these sites and are thus able to install all kinds of malware onto users system and browsers, and Google has been working quite hard to make sure that such things are prevented from occurring.

Vulnerabilities in each site are a big part of the reason why malicious actors are able to have the kind of effect that they currently have, and since it is more or less impossible for Google to fix every single site on the internet or at the very least check them for vulnerabilities, the tech giant is taking a slightly different approach that is supposed to make the internet a much safer place for pretty much everyone that is currently using it at this point in time.

The newest Google Chrome update is going to bring a security feature called site isolation to all Android as well as Desktop users. What this feature does is that it sandboxes each site that you visit, preventing it from accessing any functions or processes that it does not need in order to load itself onto your browser.

This is going to significantly curtail the efforts of malicious actors that are trying to access your system because of the fact that they are simply not going to have access in the same way that they did before.

This update is a welcome one for a lot of users that were starting to feel increasingly unsafe on the internet, and it’s heartening to see Google taking such strong measures to protect the people that use its platforms although only time will tell whether or not this update manages to get the job done.

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