Google introduces Live Captions for videos in Pixel 4. Half of the promise is fulfilled and half is being processed

At many times, there are situations when you cannot listen recordings and videos. In such cases, you need captions or videos in the form of text so that you can know what is it said in video.

Kudos to you because this problem has been solved now!

As it was revealed a weeks ago, Google launched Pixel 4 with the technology and facility of Live Captions on 16th of October, that would provide speech-to-text transcriptions automatically on videos or recordings that are being played on this latest phone.

The technology is built-in phone or it is in real time which means that a user would not need WiFi or cellular data to avail this feature.

This feature can be utilized easily because it will be required to press the volume button. The volume button has option to either play Live Captions or increase or lower the volume. Besides, a user can place the captions on any side of the footage. They can increase size of words by tapping at caption two times.

This addition is created with the help of students of Gallaudet University. Gallaudet University is the university of deaf and for people who are unable to listen anything easily. The technology and facility was tested on them when it was at its processing stage. The students and people appreciated it. One of them said that they would not need to wake their parents anymore to understand anything.

Besides assisting deaf and people who have hard time in listening, Live Caption can assist people when they are public places and do not have headphones or earphones to play them. In such situations, they can have fun by using these captions.

The captions will remain private. They will not pass to another phone but they cannot be used with phone and video calls.

Live Caption is similar to Recorder app of the latest smartphone. The application can change speech into text to provide transcriptions of meetings and interviews to users.

The captions are available in English right now, the company is determine to include other languages. The company has promised to introduce Live Captions in Pixel 3, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel XL as well in 2019. "We’re working closely with other Android phone manufacturers to make it more widely available in the coming year." explained Brian Kemler Product Manager, Android Accessibility, in a blog post.

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