LinkedIn Moves Into Content Curation With Daily Rundown

While most social media platforms have been struggling to try and compete with the juggernaut that is Facebook, one platform that has actually been growing quite rapidly is LinkedIn. In fact, according to its parent company Microsoft, LinkedIn has been seeing some major growth not just in its userbase but in the amount of times that its various users visit it throughout the day.

When it comes to a social networking site, the number of accounts that are on the site don’t matter quite as much as how much time those accounts spend on the platform. The more time that they spend on the platform, the more likely it will be that you would be able to make the most of the kind of time that they are spending there. With recent reports revealing that LinkedIn has seen a 27% increase in the amount of users that return to the site within a thirty minute interval, it has become clear that the social media platform needs to start monetizing this traffic so that it can continue to grow at the pace that it is currently managing.

One update that LinkedIn is making in order to monetize the new users that they are getting is by creating a feature that they are calling the Daily Rundown. This is basically going to be a list of the top news that business professionals and corporate executives would need. Not only would this give users even more of a reason to stay on the site, it will help LinkedIn to further cement its place as an indispensable component of the corporate sector as well as anyone who is trying to work a job and create any kind of professional network all in all.

This is a good move for LinkedIn, and it is the latest in a long line of good decisions that the social media platform has been making.

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