How to Step Up Your Video Marketing Campaign Before 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

It’s no secret that video marketing has been one of the most effective tools in a world, where everything has slowly turned digital.

Visual representation is the preferred medium of choice by almost anyone, this explains why video marketing is currently in high demand.

To support the claim, citing from the infographic, 72% of consumers watch videos to learn about a product or service.

The infographic also shows us that there is a higher probability audience will stay attentive to their screen if the contents are visualized instead of making them read a wall of text.

Realizing this, marketers started to shift and produce more and more contents in a more visually appealing format.

Demonstrating the eminence power of video marketing. YouTube claims that globally, users clocked in almost 1 billion hours worth of video watched every single day.

This beaming trend of video marketing was started in 2016 and it is growing at a staggering 100% per year. And this trend does not seem to slow down any second.

What’s The Deal with Video Marketing in 2020?

Like many trends, they tend to span from a few days to weeks or months or even years.

By the time we get the hang of it, the tide has already changed.

This volatile nature of trends complicates the problem for those who are trying to figure out how to optimize their video marketing campaign before this year ends.

Even though so, one thing is clear, the foreseeable future increasingly favors visual contents in the upcoming 2020.

Video Marketing Statistics that’s Going to Rock 2020 - infographic

Based on the infographic above, knowing where your audience is flocking (and the type of video they like), are the key elements you need to have tucked safely in your sleeves as if a magician would hide their pigeons.

Ranging from apps that your audience often use, and what type of video suits your market best.

And whether it’s released in YouTube, Webinar, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or somewhere else entirely.

The audience want something more interactive, engaging and fun.

So, What’s The Catch?

Here are the important stats displayed in the infographic:
  1. Interactive videos frequently get viewed until the end and have up to 90% completion rates.
  2. 93% of businesses get in touch with their prospective clients as a result of posting the campaign on social media.
  3. Companies that leveraged video marketing strategy achieved growing revenue at a faster rate of 49%, compared to their competitors.
  4. 97% of marketers reported that video-based marketing campaign helps their audiences get a better understanding of their products or services.
  5. 43% of users act after viewing a video advertisement.
  6. Integrating videos on your company’s website enhance the likeliness to be on Google’s front page by up to 53 times.

Winning The Audiences’ Heart Before 2020?

The end of this year is approaching, and it is going to be replaced soon by the year 2020. The upcoming 2020 will be more challenging for businesses across different industries to compete if they are unable to catch up to their audiences’ demand.

Competition can be tough, notably when you see declining numbers or gradual efflux in your company’s report. Or as you take a glimpse at your company’s histogram, and see nothing budged.

Depressing, right?


Especially when your company have made quite several video advertisements. But these videos do not seem to do justice and had a hard time to win your audiences’ heart like they were intended.

Are You Utilizing Video Marketing to the Best of Your Advantage?

This infographic was put together to address concerns relating to video marketing strategy. The data are compiled to help you tackle those problems in informative bits for you to enjoy and take note from.

Ways to Step Up Your Game

The data has shown us that 2020 will be fiercer and trickier.

Statistics reveal that 82% of internet consumer traffic will come directly from online videos by 2022.

Many of those will come from people who watch their video in horizontal format. Since 75% of internet users opt to watch horizontal videos as compared to the 25% who prefer vertical.

Nevertheless, it seems that vertical video is slowly catching up.

You will also need to tread with extra caution. And keep in mind that 82% found it off-putting if the video is not presented in their preferred format.

There are ways to launch your video marketing campaign engagingly.

You can start by allowing your audience to have choices across platforms to reach you. Another trick is to start making your video more interactive.

Interactive videos are versatile. They simply call for interactive designs and an engaging video concept will act as a trigger to draw your audiences’ attention.

Here are three alternative methods that you can use at your disposal:
  1. Start thinking of making short 20 second videos in duration. Then post them on Snapchat. This method might fit your audience better than having to make a longer one.
  2. Creating Virtual Reality video is another strategy to immerse your audience in the brilliance of the digitized world.
  3. Shoot the video in 360°. Sounds intriguing? With a snap of your fingers, you can capture the scene from behind, above or even under the camera and not miss any of the details in spherical format.

What’s The Best Practice For Your Video Marketing Campaign?

Ask yourselves which channels you should’ve been using for your specified video contents, weighing down heavily on your audiences’ demands.

Identify what your audience want and where your audience have reached or have not reached a saturation point, then test out how successful those channels are.

Your audiences are eager for more video contents, and you are primed to give them exactly that.

Where to Start?

Grab some quick wins displayed in the infographic for your video marketing strategy in 2020. Start early whenever possible.

You can start by making your personalized video marketing campaign.

Contact an animated explainer video agency that knows how to cater to your every need and could help you to create your compelling video marketing campaign.

About author:
Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps business increase conversion rates, close more sales and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order). Twitter: @breadnbeyond // LinkedIn: @andreoentoro.
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