LinkedIn Is Experimenting with New Handy Feature for the Ease of Its Users

LinkedIn was long known as just a platform where users can share information about their professional life and companies reach out to people with a suitable professional portfolio. LinkedIn has spent a very long time without launching any new feature or changing its design unlike major social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. It seems that LinkedIn has finally decided to catch up with the ongoing innovation wave. They recently launched an auto description process where users can just insert a photo and the description will be handled by an AI tool.

According to an app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, LinkedIn is testing a new feature to help the users sort out their inbox. Up until now, users are required to manually sort everything out for their inbox. They are required to not only manually select the read, unread message but also decide which message to delete one by one. With the help of new feature (called Manage Conversations), the user can sort all their inbox messages in bulk by simply selecting the messages and deleting them together or marking them read or unread at the spot.

This long-awaited feature was required because users were asking for a way to sort their message according to their personal preferences. The users can select the whole batch or thread at once and sort it according to the need. There are multiple messages that users want to send to achieve or they want to delete but previously they had to select every message one by one which was lengthy and time consuming.

With this feature, it seems that LinkedIn is now taking serious measures to bring LinkedIn to the level of other social media websites. Experts are saying that because of the concentration in the job market, most of people are struggling with finding new jobs and this is high time for platforms like LinkedIn to take the lead in the market. This feature is just a stepping stone, it seems that Microsoft-owned networking giant has so much more to offer and they are pulling their cards out of bag one by one.

LinkedIn is testing "Manage conversations" that allows managing multiple message threads in batch

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