LinkedIn Lets You Boost Credentials With Skill Assessments

Social media platform LinkedIn has become an important part of the overall tapestry of the internet. People now often depend on LinkedIn to form professional networks that will enable them to achieve true success in the career path that they are attempting to follow, and what’s more is that your LinkedIn profile needs to be maximized in order to make sure that any prospective employers that would be checking you out would see something or the other that they would actually like, something that would make them want to hire you or at least take your application as seriously as possible.

Hence, the fact of the matter is that anything that you can do in order to boost your credentials on LinkedIn is going to be very important to the level of satisfaction that you attain while using this platform all in all. LinkedIn is well aware of this fact, and this is why the social network is now going to allow on site assessments of your skills, basically these are the tests that you can do while using the social networking platform that will help determine your level of skill within a particular field.
"Today, we are rolling out in-demand assessments that members can choose from, spanning from coding languages like C++, to design software like Adobe Photoshop, to everyday business tools like Microsoft Excel. We plan to keep expanding our Skill Assessment portfolio, so expect more Skill Assessments in the coming weeks.", announced LinkedIn Corporate Communications Team.
It’s fair to say that this is a bit of a game changer if it is implemented properly because of the fact that it will give users many more opportunities to position themselves as high value candidates for any position that is going to be available to them all in all. However, it will be important for these tests to be developed by professionals within the field so that employers would take them seriously. However, considering that LinkedIn definitely knows what it is doing within the niche that it has secured for itself, chances are that things will go well in this regard.

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