94 percent of NGOs agree that social media is effective for online brand awareness

Recently, the Global NGO Technology Report was released that mentioned how much Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) utilize certain social media platforms. The report was produced by the Nonprofit Tech for Good, which was a comprehensive report based on 33 pages. The data in the report was taken from 5,721 NGOs from over 150 countries. The report included statistics on WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The report revealed certain important statistics, which are mentioned below.
  • First of all, making a Facebook page was extremely common among nonprofits with nearly 99% NGOs from US and Canada having it. Apart from it, approx. 37% used LinkedIn, 56% using Instagram, and 64% using Twitter. The results were staggering in terms of showing the role of social media in the performance of NGOs.
  • Live-streaming was also studied, which showed that the US and Canada lag behind in live-streaming as compared to the global rate. Only 43% of NGOs used Facebook live in Canada/US as compared to 43% on a global level. 34% of NGOs in US/Canada used Instagram Live as compared to 41% at the global level. Lastly, Twitter Live was the most infamous with only 13% of NGOs using it in US/Canada as compared to 20% at the global level.
  • Statistics of Facebook were also recorded, which suggested that 97% of global nonprofits have a Facebook page. Apart from it, 54% of these nonprofits used Facebook stories, 47% of nonprofits purchasing an ad on Facebook, Messenger Bots being used by 37%, and 44% have a Facebook group.
  • 94% of NGOs worldwide agree that social networking platforms are effective for creating online brand awareness. While 90% of NGOs worldwide regularly use social media to engage their supporters and donors.
Even though Facebook was found to be the most used social media channel by NGOs, 56% of them polled that they do not have any written social media strategy. US and Canada were found to have the lowest written social media strategy ratio with it being 0% only.

97% of nonprofits in the US/Canada were found to have a website, which they used to receive donations. However, only 6% of these nonprofits used live chat.

With so much use of social media, NGOs found more user engagement with 56% saying that their donations were much more than the donations they received in the beginning. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was the most commonly used among nonprofits to track donations.

Global NGOs social media usage and effectiveness

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