Aren’t you curious to know who are people following on Social Media platforms?

Marketers used to try out various new strategies to engage a variety of people from different education backgrounds, different age groups and also from various occupations as well. For almost a decade millennials remained the center of attraction for brands and marketers but now that is changed. A new category is gearing up to take the spotlight of consumers. ‘Gen Z’ is a generation of people born after 1997 and nowadays they are being the core attention of all the consumer companies. The category of potential customers is expected to overtake the millennials category this year. Along with the increase in the buying power of Gen Z, they are more likely to change the focus of brands from millennials to Gen Z.

This generation is the core audience in the market of influencers. We are living among the generation of digital technology where people pretty much rely on everything on internet. Whether it is a new smartphone app you want to search for or some new camera accessory, the internet covers it all. This generation spends most of their time on social media and on their mobile phones and this Gen Z is the category most likely to follow celebrities from a diverse range of entertainment fields including films, music, and comedy. Around 62% of Gen Z is considered to be Celebrity Networkers who use social media platforms to know about their favorite celebrity’s daily routine news. Also during the years of 2015-2019, the engagement of Gen Z increased to around 40%.

People usually follow other on social media platforms to know about the daily routines of the influencers they like or of the people they want to be involved with. We are all curious to know who are the Gen Z following on social media platforms. The following is the detailed analysis of Global internet users and Gen Z who follow social media accounts of others.

Following people from real life

According to GlobalWebIndex data, more than 52% of internet users follow people they know in their real life and around 55% of Gen Z users follow the same.

Following brands they life

Around 38% of Global users follow the brands they like and more than 43% of Gen Z users follow the same category on social platforms.

Following Actors

45% of Gen Z users follow actors whereas 34% of Global users follow this category.

Following singers/musical bands

46% of Gen Z users follow musical bands and around 33% of Global users follow musical bands as well.

Following News related organizations

Around 31% of Global users follow News and media organizations as compared to the 27% of Gen Z users.

Following Colleagues

28% of Global users follow their contacts related to work whereas 21% of Gen Z follows them.

Following interesting brands

25% of both Global and Gen Z internet users follow the brands that they might find interesting to buy in the future.

Following Vloggers

Around 18% of Global internet users follow Vloggers whereas more than 29% of Gen Z users find Vloggers interesting to have in their social media platforms.

Who are internet users are following on social media

It is not far that Gen Z will overtake the place of millennials in the consumer market and will help create a new future but brands shouldn’t completely rely on generations they should better spend time to analyze the attitudes and behaviors of Gen Z before completely targeting that generation.

So who are you following on your social accounts?

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