Instagram is the Ideal Place for Business, Study Reveals Facebook-owned App's Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior

Online shopping has replaced the actual retail therapy where you go to shopping malls and shop till you drop. Previously, due to bad shopping experiences, shoppers have shown discontent for online shopping, however, this has changed now. Now e-commerce owners are more aware of the customers’ preferences and they take everything more seriously, they are also providing returning and try on options. Estimating from the success, it feels like, these changes have paid off, making online shopping the easiest, cheapest and hassle-free option.

Study reveals that Instagram is not just a fashion and influencer heaven, it has now become the leading threat to major e-commerce stores globally. According to study conducted by VidMob, 1 out of every 3 Instagram users buys directly from an advertisement. Instagram is known to be fashion heaven where major brands hire influencers, celebrities, and YouTubers to endorse their products. Study reveals that men use Instagram to buy tech-related products, whereas, women buy fashion related products through Instagram. Moreover, it has also been revealed that once the user sees something on Instagram advertised by a brand, they try to conduct a research about the products within the app. This means that users are now seeking validation from other users within the app because they rely on the user experience.

When explored about the gender difference, the study also revealed that men were 10% more likely to buy through the social media app in comparisons to women. When asked about making a purchase, 81% of women and 75% of men agreed that they have made a purchase from a less popular brand if they like the product. This explains that if marketing is done right and the product is functional, users do not care about the brand.

Experts say that the main reason Instagram has become a completely new industry is because of the parent company, Facebook has discovered its potential and now it is pushing Instagram to reach its full potential. Facebook has pushed Instagram into beating the e-commerce industry to further diversify its revenue. It seems that the company is collecting all its revenue solely from digital ad sales however digital ad spending is expected to drop in the future.

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