Despite so many new features for influencers - Instagram fails to bring a way to monetize

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms to focuses on bringing new features to help influencers of the platform and for that purpose, the social media app is trying to longform its IGTV content too but the platform still fails to provide a new way for influencers to generate money.

Instagram has created a new account named @creators specifically created to motive influencers to keep making content. The aim behind this new account is to encourage creators of the platform to keep creating unique content for Instagram. The account will be addressing new tips, tricks, updates, IGTV, BTS, access, insights and some tutorials all meant to help wannabe creators on the platform. For the @creators account, Instagram chose creators including dancer Susie Meoww and a comedian named Adam Waheed to help motivate people by addressing the process for creating content on the platform and these creators will also be recommending users a variety of equipment for sound and video effects. This new branded account also focuses on IGTV - the longform video feature of Instagram and the content the account chooses to highlight the best practices is motivating for other users.

Users of Instagram don’t just want to create content, they also want to build a career out of their content and Instagram isn’t giving users this kind of ability to make money on the platform. Although there are some rumors that the IGTV feature will be the first to monetize whenever Instagram starts monetizing but it is just a rumor yet, we don’t know when Instagram will launch that but meanwhile, people should keep making content on the platform.

The creators of Instagram also worry about their topics to create content rather than just making money out of it. According to the Instagram product marketing manager, the @creators account will also be highlighting the topics of bullying, mental health along with content on how to make money on the platform even if it isn’t officially launched by Instagram. The purpose of this new branded account is to focus on best practices to create unique content and along with that, the account will also be aiming to help users on how to level up as a content creator.

Along with some many positive responses from others, this new account will also be discussing the impact of negative comments and how one creator might prefer Instagram’s comment filters that can help. It depends on creators on how they separate their personal lives from their content live and as there are no features regarding that so it is pretty difficult for creators of Instagram to encourage users to also take time for themselves. A comedian like Waheed spends most of his time on creating content and only takes a sponsored vacation that is something that makes us worried about the impact of creating content on creators’ life.

Bottom Line

Creators of Instagram totally need a separate space to learn about the new features introduced by Instagram and to also select their most favorite accounts on the platform. We hope along with motivating creators with its branded account Instagram doesn’t forget to address the real questions of users that are about how to create content without creating content that might be considered as a scam by the platform.

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