Instagram Is Finally Testing Paris Filter for Android Users

After the story feature made it to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the only thing that was pulling them don as compared to the much-loved Snapchat at that time was the filters. Soon after Facebook realized that the company started adding filters on all its platforms so users can enjoy their stories just like Snapchat. However, Snapchat went a few miles ahead and introduced animated characters along with some of the other interesting filters with the help of augmented reality. Both, Facebook and Instagram tried to catch up with the filter game of Snapchat but it seems that regardless of all the efforts, they have not yet surpassed Snapchat when it comes to introducing new filters.

In a recent attempt to make stories more interesting, Instagram is experimenting with the Paris filter for its Android users, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong. This filter mainly softens the skin tone and make it more glowing. The basic purpose of this filter is to be used mainly on harsh light selfies to tone down the bumps and smoothen (and blur) the skin. This filter was made available for the iPhone users quite a while ago, however, this has just recently popping up for Android users. It seems that although Instagram is rapidly becoming the most used app for posting daily stories, it has still not worked out its way to stand out.

Experts are saying that Instagram is now taking lead in determining what they are going to advertise to the users and determining the age-appropriate content. However, the platform has yet to figure out ways to make it more interesting especially when it comes to adding innovative filters and new features. since Instagram is lacking in the innovation section it has to look up to Snapchat for inspiration, however, in the long run, this is not seen as a promising act. Experts are recommending that it is high time for Instagram to come up with something new to prove that they are indeed a trendsetter in the image and video-based content platform. The Paris filter has been received with an overwhelming response but it seems that users are not so impressed by just a single filter that is providing just a hue of change.

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