Instagram Might Soon Restrict Business Accounts by Age

Instagram is a great place for you to try and run your business. It provides numerous benefits such as connecting you with your customers directly and also enabling you to display your products in a manner that would make it a great deal easier for pretty much all of your customers to see what it is that you are offering at any given point in time.

The best way to make your business benefit from the various features that Instagram offers is by opening up some kind of a business account on the platform. Previously pretty much anyone was able to open up a business account on Instagram, but now it seems like the social media platform will be creating an age restriction that would prevent users that are below a certain age from creating a business account on the platform.

This development came out when Jane Manchun Wong ‏discovered Instagram testing this feature, and it is currently unknown what the minimum age for this feature is going to be. It is possible that Instagram would choose to set between thirteen to eighteen as the minimum age since this is the bracket at which people are legally considered to be adults, in several regions.

The reason as far as we can tell is that Instagram wants to be taken seriously. It does not want people frivolously using its platform for the purposes of joking around, and fake business accounts have a tendency to tarnish Instagram’s image, something that the social media platform is not going to appreciate.

Whatever the minimum age ends up being, it’s fair to say that this change is going to help legitimize Instagram’s business accounts in a pretty big way all in all.

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Featured Photo: BigTunaOnline/Shutterstock
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