Thousands of Computers Fall Prey to Smominru Malware Daily

It seems like every other day we hear about a new form of malware that is making the rounds and infecting a wide range of computers thereby making them pretty much impossible to use in an overall secure manner. The latest malware that is having a pretty huge impact on computer systems around the world is the Smominru malware. According to Kaspersky Lab's finding, this new malware affected about 90,000 computers back in August, and even though Microsoft released a patch that was intended to prevent Smominru from having such a huge impact on the kind of experience users can have, it still manages to get through the security protocols that have been put in place.

What this malware does is that it steals your credentials after it has accessed your system, and it doesn’t stop there. After doing this it starts using your system to mine cryptocurrencies, and also installs a Trojan that continues to compromise your data in a pretty significant manner all in all. This ends up really damaging the potential security that your system is supposed to have, and can result in widespread user data losses if it is not addressed as quickly as possible.

One thing to note, however, is that this malware does not affect people that are using the latest version of Windows. Much on the contrary, the vast majority of attacks occur on systems that are currently using Windows 7, about 85% all in all. The remaining attacks occur on systems using Windows XP or other older platforms.

Countries like the US, UK, Canada and China are regularly being targeted, but at present there really is no discrimination between who ends up getting targeted by the creators of this malware. It is therefore very important for all users to remain as vigilant as possible while they are using the internet lest this malware ends up affecting their system.

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