Facebook down? Find out why this happens so frequently on the popular social media platform

Facebook has enjoyed a long span of keeping its servers up and running – regardless of the strain it causes to them. However, it's lucky stint was broken just this year when the company experienced an all-day outage across all its subsidiaries including Instagram, WhatsApp, and the flagship Facebook app. Another server-breakdown soon followed which also lasted for more then 24 hours.

Unfortunately, such outages don’t only cause a bad reputation for Facebook but also hinders the communication infrastructure that is maintained by the company. It can even have serious consequences – especially if such breakdowns occur during a time of emergency.

So what is happening here? How come users suddenly faced repeated interruptions on the world’s leading social media platforms?

According to a leaked statement issued by Mark Zuckerberg’s team, the outages were part of routine maintenance. The company also claims that they ran some tests alongside which created a problem with the system.

In fact, in a recent Q&A session, Mark Zuckerberg said that such outages break the consumer’s trust in their service and even make some move to their competing messaging services. He exclaimed that this is a serious issue and the company’s technical staff is trying everything they can to prevent such disturbances.

However, testing new features is part of the business and Facebook claims that often the servers fail to sustain them. Unfortunately, the recovery process after the breakdown also becomes long and disrupts the features that are under-test mode.

Nevertheless, Mark Zuckerberg assures that their team is working on ways to tackle the issues and will focus harder than ever before to mitigate the occurrence of such breakdowns.

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