Google Chrome’s Tab Groups Feature Gets an Update

A significant part of Google’s attempts to improve its Chrome web browser as of late has involved tidying up the manner in which tabs are displayed. This is because of the fact that a common complaint among people that use Chrome on a regular basis has to do with the cluttered look that tabs often give if you have a lot of them open. This can be particularly frustrating for users that do a lot of research based work on the platform since extensive research often requires you to open a lot of tabs at the same time in order to maximize the amount of information that you are able to retain.

You can now group tabs together and give the grouping a name. For example if you have a bunch of tabs open while research a specific topic, you could name that grouping of tabs on that topic. You can also color code your tabs as well as tab groupings in order to better access them whenever you need to figure out which tabs are related to which specific topic. Right now you have the choice of eight different colors which isn’t exactly all that much when you consider how many tabs people often have open but coupled with the tab grouping feature it is certainly a decent place to start.

This feature is currently being tested in beta. Google seems to be ironing out any bugs that might potentially arise which makes sense because they would not want the launch of this feature to be marred by a lot of bugs that would definitely get in the way of a high quality user experience all in all. Chrome users can access the feature by enabling it from Flag pages here: chrome://flags/#tab-groups. When this feature is launched it will certainly go a long way towards helping users get a little more organized while they are using a lot of different tabs on Chrome.

Google Chrome new feature: Organize tabs into visually distinct groups
Screenshot: Digital Information World.

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