Google Takes on Amazon and Apple With New Products

Three of the biggest tech companies in the world are Google, Amazon and Apple. The core services and products that these companies provide are rather different from one another, but in the spirit of expansionism each of these companies have created newer products as well thereby creating a bit of an overlap. Hence, these three big tech giants that would have otherwise not really had all that much to do with each other are now competing with one another in order to acquire a larger portion of the market for themselves all in all.

At a large event held a few days ago, Google announced a number of new products, and it’s fair to say that each of these products will look into some kind of niche market that both Amazon as well as Apple are trying to tackle as efficiently as possible. This is because of the fact that all three of the products that Google announced are going to take on products that Amazon and Apple offer, and while Google’s feud with Apple is well publicized and both companies have been vying for dominance for quite some time now, Google’s competition with Amazon is a rather new occurrence, one that is becoming even more prominent with the products that it is now releasing.

Starting with the products that Google is releasing in order to provide some hefty competition to Apple, the main product in this category is the Pixel 4. This is the latest in Google’s flagship phone line. While Google has been a major player in the world of smartphone operating systems, it lagged behind Apple when it came to hardware with Apple’s iconic iPhone grabbing up a large section of the market share.

The Pixel 4 is designed to be a top of the line phone, something that is custom built for Android devices by the very company that makes that operating system in the first place. It’s pretty clear that Google is trying to give the iPhone a bit of a run for its money.

The second product that is intended to provide Apple with some competition is a little less specific in terms of its approach. This product is the new Pixelbook Chromebook, a computer that runs on Chrome OS with is a computer operating system that Google has created. This is going to compete directly with Apple’s Macbooks as far as machines custom built for a specific operating system tend to be concerned.

The new competition that we are discussing here is the one that is starting between Google and Amazon, and it has to do with smart devices that you use at home. Whereas Amazon’s Alexa has made waves ever since its release, its dominance might now be challenged by the Nest smart home devices that Google is now going to offer.

What Google is basically trying to do here is create some kind of technological ecosystem that would allow you to buy every single thing you need from the same company, something that Apple has been doing for quite some time now. With Google also releasing Pixel buds in order to challenge Apple’s success with Airpods, the competition is bound to get even more heated as time goes by.

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