Google Brings Major Updates to Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the digital assistant that you have access to whenever you use a phone that runs on the Android operating system. While Google Assistant has not been received with any kind of negative press, it’s fair to say that initially it did receive a fair amount of criticism because of the fact that it did not measure up to the likes of Siri which was the first digital assistant to ever be made available to someone that was using some kind of a smartphone. However, gradually Google Assistant became one of the best AI when it comes to accuracy of answers.

Google is now about to introduce a second generation of Google Assistant, one that will incorporate a wide variety of changes that are bound to make it a better product for the people that want to use it at any given point in time all in all. There are two major updates that you are going to see within the context of this feature.

The first major change will be to the design of Google Assistant. The design is about to become a lot sleeker, more in line with the kind of aesthetic that Google seems to be going for with most of the products that it is releasing nowadays.

However, it is the second change that is coming in that is going to make the most waves all in all. This second change involves an increase to the processing speed that Google Assistant will have available to answer your queries and overall just make your life a whole lot easier than it currently seems to be. According to a recent event during which Google announced all these changes, Google Assistant is now going to answer your queries and do anything else that you ask it to do up to ten times faster than before.

This is definitely going to improve the average user experience with Google Assistant, although whether or not the feature will be able to compete with Siri remains to be seen.

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