Google Pay is Reportedly Working on a Security Setting Concerned with Account PIN!

Google Pay has undoubtedly made our lives easier. It allows us to send and receive money easily. Paying bills and shopping online are also supported by it. As for security, encryption and multiple layers of security added by Google help secure the transactions. Still, trusting an online system with your card details can prove to be a hard choice to make.

For this, the digital wallet platform is working on another setting. It was spotted by renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong. In one of her recent tweets, she talked about Google Pay testing “require PIN every time you make an online purchase” toggle setting.

She also attached a screenshot with her tweet. It shows that the new setting will appear in the “Security” section. If the users choose to enable the said setting, they will be required to enter their Google Account PIN every time they make a purchase. A similar toggle can also be seen in the screenshot for sending money.

As of now, a date hasn’t been specified for this setting to go live. However, it shouldn’t take too long now, judging by its readiness (from the screenshot). It will surely prove to be a welcome addition to Google Pay security settings.

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