Here Are Smartphones With The Best Battery Life [Stats Included]

Can you imagine your day without the smartphone? While the answer to this would be a straight forward NO, yet there is one big hindrance that comes in the way of smartphone users which they also have to constantly worry about - the battery timing.

Today, a lot of companies focus on releasing the best smartphones and if you are fortunate enough you might even have one of the new ones every year. However, one may call it a lack of technological advancement, most of the devices still run on old-fashioned electricity that it draws from the battery.

Now when you compare it to the number of apps that are increasing almost every month and how people are spending most of their time on smartphones for majority of their daily tasks, entertainment and texts, batteries are bound to flop. This is the reason why power banks have become such an important part of the smartphone culture and you can now also find charging stations near you (only if you live near a fancy commercial area)

To overcome this challenge, some of the biggest smartphone makers even took the responsibility to introduce phones with bigger batteries, thinking that it might just solve the problem. According to Phone Arena Benchmarks, the phones with the largest battery till date are Asus ROG II having a battery charge of 6,000 milliampere hours, followed by the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 (5,300 mAh). But that was just never enough.

Milliamperes alone never determine how long will a battery last to support you throughout the day. In fact it is the display size, resolution and the efficiency of device to use power for functionality that together make up for the battery timing. So now when you hear a company boasting about bigger batteries in terms of mAH, don’t ever fall for it. Instead you can depend more on the announcements that tell you exactly how long a battery can last, but of course after checking it on your own too.

If you are wondering about smartphones with the longest lasting batteries then here's a list based on data given by Phone Arena. The site itself has tested phones with a custom web script that is pretty much like a real-life use at screen brightness rate of 200 nit (luminance). The use durations actually fall below the usage of phone manufacturers (which they use to market their phones) and even lower than the continuous playback usage.

The detailed report of the test shows that Motorola Moto G7 power has been the ultimate king with over 20 hours of battery life. Xiaomi MI Max 2 secured the second spot with 17.5 hours, to be exact and surprisingly it was ahead of the LG X Power whose battery only lasted for 15 hours. Furthermore, there have been surprising entries like Samsung Galaxy J7 (2018), Xiaomi Redmi 3S and Huawei Mate 20 with batteries above 13 hours.

Have a look at the chart below for more insights.

The Smartphones With the Longest-Lasting Batteries
Graphic courtesy of: Statista

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