Google Keep Gets New Shortcut

Google Keep is a useful productivity tool that basically allows you to take notes. This can be something that you can use whenever you want to try and jot something down or attempt to make the most of the kind of creativity your mind has to offer at any given point in time by making a note of whatever it is that is going through your head.

However, there is a problem associated with Google Keep that has prevented it from becoming as popular as it might have been if this problem was not made out to be all that big of a deal. The problem that we are talking about is that up until this point if you wanted to jot something down using Google Keep, you would either have to visit the website specifically or on the other hand you would have to open the app on your phone.

It seems like web based usage of this program is going to be made a great deal easier, thanks to Google incorporating a wide variety of shortcuts into their G Suite line of products. Any tool that is included in G Suite has been modified to become faster to use in a lot of different ways, and Google Keep is no exception.

Now if you want to use Google Keep you will be able to do so by simply typing in or into your address bar. This would open up Google Keep as well as a specific new note that you can type your thoughts into without having to do multiple clicks. One major benefit of this update is that it will make the process of saving notes significantly easier than it would have been before, something that will certainly help a lot of people to get a better experience by using Google Keep on a regular basis.

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