Site Owners Can Start Customizing Google Search Snippets This Week

Google search results are an extremely important part of the internet and how we tend to use it on a regular basis, and the fact of the matter is that how your search results are displayed tends to matter quite a bit. One thing that a lot of people have complained about has to do with how the search snippets tend to be rather poor representations of what the site is actually about, therefore leading to a number of people skipping the use of this website since they judge a site based on its snippet.

All of this is about to change, with Google Webmaster team announcing that starting from this week, owners of websites are going to have a lot more control over how their snippets are shown. The content of their snippets will be fully customizable, which means that a website owner can write some content that will truly represent the site that they are managing, thereby making it more likely that they will get users that would click through to their site.

This will also make things look a little more aesthetically appealing when it comes to Google search results.

This is going to change the world of search engine optimization as well. SEO is basically a process by which a website includes certain keywords in their content along with a few other aspects of their website all of which would make it more likely that the site would be listed higher than it would have been otherwise, but now sites have another criteria that they would need to look into. Either way this is an exciting change that will definitely bring about a few differences in how people use the internet.

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

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