Dark Mode Coming Soon to WhatsApp

These days pretty much every single app out there is introducing some kind of dark mode to the equation, and the main reason for this is that users tend to demand it. The logic behind dark mode has to do with the impact that the light of your smartphone can potentially end up making it difficult for you to sleep at night, and when you do sleep you might not wake up feeling all that fresh, something that can have a pretty serious impact on your health if it continues for an extended period of time.

WhatsApp has lagged behind a lot of other platforms on the internet when it comes to dark mode. It is without question that WhatsApp will eventually end up offering its users a dark mode but so far the platform has failed to provide its users with the kind of experience they have been asking for.

It seems like the wait might finally comming to an end. WhatsApp has been testing their dark mode out, and according to WABetaInfo a recent development has revealed that the numerous emojis that you can use while texting on WhatsApp are going to be optimized for use in a dark mode setting. While, in another update the Facebook-owned app is also testing an improved UI for Date and Event Bubbles, making them suitable for dark theme! The team of Whatsapp is also working on dark splash screen.

Everyone thought that dark mode would come with the next update, but considering the fact that even self destructing messages haven’t made it to our apps yet, a feature that was announced before dark mode, it is probably going to be quite some time before we are able to use such a mode on WhatsApp.

It is currently unknown why WhatsApp is taking so long to provide users with a feature that they have been requesting for quite a long period of time, but once the feature is introduced it is likely to be highly well received by the various people that have been eagerly anticipating it all this time.

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