Biology might become a major source for the upcoming computing projects

We are living among the generation that introduces new technology every passing second. On a daily basis, new tech is launched by different companies to bring ease in the life of its users and to bring comfort to users as much as possible. The carbon-absorbing bacteria or the brain inserts are not considered fantasies anymore and instead, now we are really hoping that things might become a new source to advance artificial intelligence and in other computing efforts as well.

Statements from Former Google’s CEO

Biology will sure be fueling the computing technologies in the coming years. According to ex-Google CEO named Eric Schmidt, biology was always considered as analog and squishy but using it to turn into something digitally utilized will be a huge achievement for this generation. According to Eric Schmidt, biology will be becoming the next frontier in computing and we are looking forward to that.

Recently, it was released that the obsession of Silicon Valley with biology might be attempting to launch new projects with investments that could help change the perspective of technology forever and the comments from Schmidt came at the same time.

According to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, they would be donating $68 million to support the mapping of various cells in the human body. Recently Facebook hired a company named CTRL Labs that could enable you to control computers with your mind and Neuralink also released that its brain-computer trials on humans will be starting next year.

According to the comments from Schmidt, he’s always interested to know about the core element that is changing everything right now and according to the evidence, biology is the golden goose that is changing the history of technology forever. Examples of vision data aiding computing advances, smart assistants bolstering biological research and medical cure advances were revealed by Google’s exc-CEO and according to his statements, the way eye and vision work will undoubtedly help to create new algorithms in the coming years.

Under the leadership of Schmidt, Google also made a variety of vision-related investments and most of them faced snags. The company named life sciences by Alphabet also attempted to create smart contact lenses aimed to measure blood sugar levels in tears. There are some patents already filed for eye-tracking and then there were workings on defunct Google Glass as well.

Bottom Line

The statements revealed by Eric Schmidt are somewhat we all had deep in our hearts with a hope that one day it might all come true. It’s always easy to come up with a variety of recommendations to any clothing brands or movie recommendations because we have such huge amount of data available related to various products but the amount of data available in biology is not yet huge enough to help with recommendations but we are really looking forward to a future world of biology and technology working together to create a new world of technology fueled by biology.

Photo: Michael Kovac via Getty Images

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