New Chrome Default to Block Content from Insecure Connections

With cyber attacks becoming increasingly prevalent day by day, big tech companies like Google are trying their best to make it so that users are not exposed to content from any insecure sources at any given point in time. The manner in which Google is attempting to do so involves blocking URLs that have not been vetted and secured by the necessary protocols, and while this has done a lot to prevent malicious actors from accessing user data in an illicit manner, more improvements have definitely had to be made and Google is ready to make those changes.

Basically the content that you view on your browser can come from either HTTP or HTTPS sources. HTTPS are secure so there is no need for you to worry about content that comes from these URLs at least on a surface level, although some level of care should be taken on your part just in case malicious actors are able to co-opt these connections in order to steal your data or harm the systems that you are logging on from. HTTP connections, however, are insecure which is why Chrome blocks them or at the very least puts up a major warning that will tell users the risks involved with going to a site that does have operate from a secured connection.

There are certain sites that use a mixed content(such as audio or video resources), though. This means that the content they display comes from both an HTTP as well as an HTTPS connection, thereby making it a bit of risk.

From now on, Chrome will be blocking content from these sites by default, displaying a warning so that you are made aware of the risks involved with going to these sites as well, something that is being praised as being proactive and responsible by some and criticized for being overkill by others.
"In a series of steps starting in Chrome 79, Chrome will gradually move to blocking all mixed content by default. To minimize breakage, we will autoupgrade mixed resources to https://, so sites will continue to work if their subresources are already available over https://. Users will be able to enable a setting to opt out of mixed content blocking on particular websites.", announced Emily Stark and Carlos Joan Rafael Ibarra Lopez from Chrome security team in a blog post.
New Chrome Default to Block Content from Insecure Connections
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