Google is Reportedly Working on a new Search Results Interface Packed with Additional Features!

Lately, Google has been testing various changes for its search results page. Some of these changes will require marketing analysts and SEO experts to devise new strategies to tackle the Ranking system. Others will just impact the interface.

Speaking about changes, the latest one was spotted by the co-founder of Fossbytes, Adarsh Verma. He tweeted about the Tech Giant testing a (possibly) new interface for the search results page.

The design changes in question will see the blank spaces on the left and right of search results occupied with additional features.

If the screenshots shared by Adarsh are any indication, the right side of the search listings will include the related search queries. The left side will then be filled up with search filters. For example, Adarsh’s gaming related query caused filters like Videos, News, Characters etc. to pop up.

As of yet, much details aren’t known about these changes. However, Adarsh mentioned in this tweet that the new interface could only be seen while searching for queries related to songs and games. In case of a query related to other topics such as books, movies, bands etc., no changes in the results page are observed.

One thing that can be said for sure is that these changes will most probably not have any effect on Google’s Search Algorithm. It remains to be seen when these changes are rolled out publicly as they are currently in the testing phase and their area of coverage only contains two topics for now i.e. Games and Songs. So, expect to see the usual design for at least the next few weeks/months.

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