Internet Archive Just Added 2500 Playable DOS Games for Users

Internet is a strange place that has evolved rapidly in recent years, there are new games, new ways of entertainment and new things to explore. When it comes to video games, it is said that both the film industry and the music industry cannot collectively compete against just the gaming giant. To make it more nostalgic, the Internet Archive just added 2500 playable games to its library so users can play them even now.

The Internet Archives were first introduced during 2015 when a small number of titles were added, however, considering that people didn’t show so much interest this is the biggest announcement since 2015. The management has now added a huge range of various old classic games under the independently produced titles.

Apart from the fact that there are 2500 new dos games that are added to the archives and they are easily accessible and can be played at any time, Jason Scott the Internet Archive curator explained that all these available games are not good. This means that they might not run well, the reason behind this is that the work required for the functioning of these games contradict with the technology that we have today. The main reason is that these DOS games were created for a very specific era and to run with the help of a very specific hardware and setup, they don’t specifically go along the new setup and hardware. The only reason users will be able to play some of these games is because of the exoDOS project.

According to the eXoDOS website, this project has attempted to get, catalog and also make the games developed for the DOS playable and PC Booter perform properly. They are also struggling to get original media rather than just getting scene rips and so far with this they have received around 7,000 games and they have tried to make all these games playable with the help of Dosbox and ScummVM. There are also games that are shipped on CD-ROM and they have been problematic when played on the browser. When there is a use of CD-ROM for accessing full-motion video along with CD audio tracks, this means that the file has a big size. With the use of such big data of hundred megabytes, it will require a lot of time to browse and play the game.

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