Google to Focus on Digital Wellbeing With Future Android Devices

The prevalence of smartphones has definitely ended up making our lives easier in a wide variety of ways. It has enabled us to become a lot more connected with the people that we care about, has allowed us to become a great deal more efficient at the jobs that we are trying to do at any given point in time and has also given us plenty of things to do that will help us get rid of our boredom in a really big way thereby ensuring that no matter what happens we would not waste our time simply doing nothing at all.

All of that being said, there is a really big side effect to all of this smartphone prevalence, a side effect that is having some pretty severe negative consequences on people. The side effect that we are talking about here is that people are becoming addicted to their smartphones, and to top it all off this has a horrible impact on their health.

While users and consumers definitely need to be educated about avoiding spending too much time on their phones, the fact of the matter is that the companies that are providing these products and services in the first place need to step in and give users a chance to cut back on smartphone use as well.

According to XDA-developers, Google seems to be taking the initiative here, with the tech giant deciding to make it obligatory for all device using Android operating systems to focus on digital wellbeing. This means that these devices will have applications dedicated to showing you how often you are using your phone as well as whether or not this is an unhealthy amount given the kind of lifestyle that you are living, providing dark modes for all apps so that sleep patterns are not affected along with a wide variety of other digital wellbeing features.

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