Screen Time Is Consuming the Reality of the Daily Life

To sustain life entertainment, information and learning are very important which was the reason most of the people used to buy newspaper and books however, things have changed now. Everything has been replaced with screens, now people wake up and check their smartphone and social media. Through social media, they get their daily dose of news and information whereas, to learn about new things and skills people are now fully relying on digital sources. Moreover, people are now replacing tradition TV with social media and online video streaming websites.

Recent a report study conducted by Zenith Media explained an alarming situation where people are now abandoning books, newspapers and other print media related thing whereas, they are moving towards digital means including laptops and mobiles. All in all, it is expected that the time most people are spending on their digitally connected screens is increasing whereas, other means have significantly decreased.

The report explains that right now most users are spending around 170 minutes which means that an average user is spending 3 hours per day but this time will significantly increase by 2021 where the average user will spend around 192 minutes on the internet per day. As most users are using the internet on the go because of 3G and 4G services, the user of mobile surfing has significantly increased as compared to laptops and other electronic gadgets. Moreover, even when talking about screen time, most of the users are sending their time on the internet-connected devices which includes phones, tablets, and laptops. It is expected that the consumers will soon surpass the 800 hours’ limit that is set for this year.

As the time spent on the digital screens is increasing, time spent on other means of entertainment easily print media is decreasing. As compared to the daily time, the average time spent on the newspaper has significantly decreased by 9 minutes whereas, the time spent on magazines has decreased around 4 minutes on a daily basis by 2021. Previously according to the study, the time spent on the newspaper was around 20 minutes whereas, the time spent by an average reader on the magazine was 10 minute per day.

Chart courtesy: Statista.

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