1 in 5 Android Device Photos are Poor Quality

One of the biggest changes that has occurred as far as smartphones are concerned has to do with the fact that storage has increased by a pretty significant amount all in all. This has made smartphones a lot better than they used to be, but according to recent research that has been conducted by Avast, there is a side effect to this that a lot of people would never have predicted and it really sheds a lot of light on the unpredictable nature of human behavior.

The information that was revealed during the study of nearly 3 billion photos was that over twenty percent of all photos that are on Android devices are either duplicate pictures that were taken accidentally or simply not deleted along with pictures that are of a poor image quality such as being blurry or out of focus in some way, shape or form. Basically people don’t really care about whether or not they end up saving too many pictures on their phone because it takes a very long time for the presence of these pictures to really have all that much of an impact on the kind of storage space your device has to offer all in all.

It turns out that Japan is the biggest culprit for this sort of thing, with the average Japanese phone wasting over thirty percent of its storage space on bad photos. Also, women are more likely to save photos than men, with women on average saving about 24% more photos than men tend to do.

WhatsApp is a big cause of the sheer number of unnecessary pictures that people have on their phone as well. Various WhatsApp groups end up sharing decent amount of photos with users, and this leads to these photos getting automatically saved to your devices. Most people don’t realize this and don’t delete them.

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