Google highlights important updates amid Android 10 release: Unveils several new features including dark theme

The Android 10 update is here – Google has boasted some of its anticipated features on the official website of Android. Here, the users can get an exclusive look at Android 10’s features including the dark mode transformation on Gmail for Android, Google Assistant, and Google Maps.

On the official website of Android 10, Google highlights several new features that we can experience in the imporved operating system along with the update that includes faster updates and gesture navigation. However, the prime focus remains on the Dark Mode that will paint over several Android apps including Google Assistant, Gmail, and Maps.

Judging from the samples shown on the platform’s official website, we can see that the dark mode update is similar to Google’s previous offerings where they have used a dark grey color instead of a pure black color.
"You can enable Dark Theme for your entire phone or for specific apps like Photos and Calendar. It’s easier on your eyes, and your phone battery too.", explained Dave Burke VP of Engineering, in a post on Google Keyword blog.
Till date, this is the official reveal of the Android 10 update and just like the other Android fans; we can’t wait for the full rollout of the feature. Read more about Android 10 on Google blog and let us know your thoughts. Keep watching this space at Digital Information World for more updates on Android 10.

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