Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg nodded with Sanders that Billionaires should not exist, capitalists and socialists handshake!

Capitalists and Socialists come on one plane!

CEO of Facebook. Inc, Mark Zuckerberg, agreed with the statement of Baernie Sanders, candidate of presidential elections, that billionaires should not exist.

In an internal Questions and Answers session, last week, one of the employee asked him to give his views on Mr. Sanders speech on which Mr. Zuckerberg said that he could understood from where he had come. He answered that a person should be given reward if they do something good but accumulation of excessive money is unreasonable.
Photo: Facebook weekly internal Q&A
However, on the other he supported capitalism. He told his employees, who were sitting on seats in hall, that he and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, spend 99 percent of Facebook shares on their philanthropy. He continued that billionaires invest in science projects which assist in development on which he said that he do not know that how to answer the criticism that if it is fair that only a small group of rich people could decide to invest money on which project. He said that it is better option if billionaires invest in scientific researches than the option that government fund in all stuff.

The owner of $65 billion said that he is afraid that if government started to manage all stuffs then it might flush out the diversity of steps taken to develop the world and market.

The presidential election’s candidate presented a plan in public in which the wealthiest people will be taxed more which will result in $4 trillion by next decade in U.S. economy. It is also included in his plan to tax rich people by eight percent on households. While presenting his plan, he said that he do not remove billionaires, he would take their most of the wealth in order to remove inequality and keep government from becoming corrupt leaders. The candidate also promised his followers in public that he would make strict laws for tech giants.

The session was live streamed on Facebook so that everyone could see that how it is conducted and what is discussed in it because the audios were leaked on The Verge which showed that the 35 year old entrepreneur was speaking about Elizabeth Warren, the competitor of Mr. Sanders. According to the audios, leaked recently by an intern according to Zuckerberg, the CEO was saying that it was his thought that it would be bad for tech giants if Warren would become President but the company will fight legally if it would be cased and win legally. The founder also said that the company will fight to the mat to make their company win.

Elizabeth Warren said in her speeches, in March, that she will take a hard stance on tech companies Facebook, Amazon and Alapahbet. She wrote on Twitter that Facebook uses illegal and anti-competitive means to earn money that breach privacy by buying different competitive applications which result in greater dominance and lack of healthy competition. She expressed her opinions about the biggest social media that around 85 percent of traffic goes though the sites which operated or owned by Facebook.

Although the social giant's owner has negative opinions about the lady, he said in recent session that he do not antagonize about her.

The video was retweeted by female presidential candidate and wrote that if CEO is uncomfortable with the scrutiny of government then he would remove illegal and anti-competitive ways to earn money, protect the privacy of their users and stop interfering in elections.

Politicians and Facebook’s rivalry is increasing day by day since it was found out that the social media played an important role in the triumph of Donald Trump. It can be hoped that this live stream and words of Mark Zuckerberg would end this drift because elections could have negative impact if technology would be halted, as the entrepreneur said.

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