New Chrome Update Fixes Multi Tab Browsing Issue

Google Chrome is perhaps the single most popular web browser in the world, but that does not mean that it is perfect in every single way. Indeed, a lot of people have complaints with regards to Chrome and the various aspects of it that are in desperate need of improvement across the board.

One problem that a lot of people have probably faced involves using multiple tabs at the same time. Sometimes you are going to have a ton of tabs open at any given point in time. You might be doing research for a college paper or for work, or perhaps you like to multitask and handle a bunch of things all at once which would be facilitated by you looking into opening up as many tabs as your browser is able to handle.

However, one problem that can occur from this is that audio might start playing in one of these tabs, and the only way to really fix this would be to actually look through all of the tabs that you have open until you eventually stumble upon the tab that has the audio playing in it so that you can pause the audio or perhaps close the tab entirely.

The new update that is coming to Google Chrome (probable after 77) is supposed to fix all of that. Basically if you install the new update and subsequently toggle the feature on which named as Global Media Controls (GMC), this would mean that you would get a rectangular pop up that would show you the audio that is currently playing. This pop up window is going to be separate from the tabs that you have open, and is basically going to be designed to give you control over the audio/video that the tabs are producing.

Basically, if any tab in question has audio that is bothering you, you would be able to open up the controller, stop it, or change it up in any way that you choose.

Users can enable the GMC (as known as Pause/Play button) by pasting chrome://flags/#global-media-controls in the address bar and then enabling the Global Media Controls option and a simple browser relaunch will do the job.

This is going to really help you gain more control over what you are listening to while you are working, something that is going to be particularly beneficial to people that are really picky about what kind of music they would be listening to while they are getting stuff done.

Image: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

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