Facebook Is Willing to Pursue the Encryption Even After the Warning from Authorities

After introducing end to end encryption on WhatsApp, Facebook has finally decided to introduce encryption in all the messaging platforms they own. The only problem is that authorities are warning the social media platform to refrain from the encryption because they feel it will hinder their investigation process when it comes to child harassment and pornography cases. Moreover, authorities also feel that this will open doors for the child predators so they can reach out to kids easily.

It seems that Facebook had already anticipated the issues which are the reason they have claimed to have an already developed solution. To address this issue, Facebook’s global head safety has revealed (in an interview with Financial Times) that they have been already working on developing a way to protect children from using the platform. over the past few years, Facebook has taken serious actions against predators who have used or are looking forward to using the platform for reaching out to children and Facebook is willing to further continue to protect kids even after the encryption plan is carried out.

Facebook is looking forward to not only restraining the predators to contact people in the first place but also to keep removing and flagging content that promotes such intentions. Antigone Davis explained that we have seen that when most of us realize the problem it’s too late already. To address the root cause, Facebook has designed a way to prevent the connection of these predators to the children. Once someone makes an account on Facebook and then tries to get connected with a series of young users especially minors, they become a part of a suspicious group for the company. Facebook issues alert for such users who belong to a specific age group but talk privately to minors through Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM. The tech giant also scans through the pictures, videos and even comments of these users to detect any pattern of bad behavior.

Experts are still asking if these protective measures are enough or Facebook is now just advertising these measures to convince people about the lunch of the encryption. Although, Facebook is trying hard to not only keep the platform protected but also avoid any problem that can lead to the breach of privacy but it seems that the data breach scandal is still haunting the social media giant.

Facebook Is Willing to Pursue the Encryption Even After the Warning from Authorities
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