Google Books Gets Updated With Material Design and Search Integration

Google Books has always been considered to be one of Google’s most expansive and ambitious projects, what with its goal of cataloging pretty much every single public book that is available to read in the world at this point in time. While the ultimate goal of the project is difficult to achieve considering the fact that there are several copyright issues that are going to end up getting in the way of the project reaching its full potential, the fact of the matter is that Google Books has turned into a handy resource guide for anyone that might be trying to search for a specific book and get a little more information on it all in all.

It seems like Google Books is the latest Google property to be getting a stylistic update. Material Design is going to be coming to Google Books, something that will certainly end up changing the way that you look at this Google project. The design comes with all of the specifications that have set Material Design apart from the previous aesthetics that Google employed for its numerous properties, but this isn’t the only change that is coming to Google books.

A more utilitarian change that is coming involves search integration, something that will basically allow you to search through the vast quantity of books that Google Books currently has information on. You would be able to sort through these books according to what topic you are researching and find a book accordingly.

This is going to vastly improve how accessible this platform is and will take Google a step closer to their ultimate goal of documenting and recording the sum of human knowledge, something that might make it a direct competitor to Wikipedia although Google’s approach would be to record books that are written by independent authors rather than compile articles through user contributions.

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