Ex-Google Engineer: Robot weapons might cause chaos

Recently a former engineer at Google revealed that the robotic weapons might cause some killings in the society and we are really worried. A Google engineer who worked at the military drone project of Google, recently warned people that the construction of killer robots might cause chaos in society.

The engineer named Laura Nolan who has been working at Google for more than four years and was also hired to collaborate with the US Department of Defense on a project named Maven in 2017. According to her, the aim of the project Maven was to enhance military drones with the help of AI and to also construct new AI systems to detect enemy targets and easily distinguish between people and objects. This collaboration project of Google with US defense caused outrage among thousands of employees who started a petition against the project and the majority of the employees also resigned during the protest. In March, this contract between Google and US Defense ended and the engineer Nolan also resigned stating that the project was working wrong ethically as well.

According to Nolan, her work was as a site reliability engineer. Although the workings of Nolan were not directly related to video footage recognition but still she realized that indirectly she was helping the US Defense to improve its AI that would ultimately lead to more people targeted and killed by US military in places like Afghanistan. This improves AI video footage workings also raised the fear of the next step US military might be willingly taken like enabling AI weapons and these might raise the possibilities of unlawful killings even under laws of warfare. Nolan feared that if the military gets access to AI weapons, any factors can mess the system of weapons which might lead to unexpected radar signals or unusual weather or might result into killing hundreds and thousands of innocents.

One of the major drawbacks of this AI enabled weapons is that they can only be tested on the real battlefield so using AI war systems without knowing its impact is a pretty scary thing. Recently UN Russia banned these weapons but we don’t know maybe the war happening in Syria might also be utilizing AI enabled weapons who knows?

Although we all know the majority of the countries are working to enable AI weapons but there is still no official announcement from any nation but many are building unique AI-enabled weapons in their militaries. Just like US navy that recently launched its self-piloting warship that can spend months at sea with no crew at all and the drone launched by Israel can also detect and attack targets totally autonomously.


Nolan, the former engineer at Google is requesting all countries to completely ban workings on autonomous killing robots because that is totally against the ethics. There is a very specific number of people taking this issue seriously and if we fail to stop these AI weapons, these killers robots could accidentally start a war or destroy a power station and cause mass killing in the society. So, better to be safe than sorry.

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