Will People Soon be Able to Use Smartphones through Brain Directly?

Neuralink, a brain-computer interface company of Elon Musk announced at California Academy of Science that by next year they will be starting human trials for its neuron-reading technology.

The company will be augmenting humans with Artificial Intelligence and who knows, later it might also be able to convert our consciousness into digital format. For now, the company has been planning to use this application to use the iPhone with the mind.

Tiny processors are being developed that will be connected to the brain through thread thinner than human hairs, almost having a width of 4 – 6 μm.

Sensors will be fit on the skull and the information will be sent to the wearable computer, the Link that will be placed behind the ear. Through this, the iPhone can be connected through an app.

President of Neuralink, Max Hodak said that with some training, it would be easier to control the cursor and keyboard of the mobile device. The essential information will be received by the app from your mind to control the device. Disable people will benefit the most from it.

There have been no announcements as how much time it would take for telekinesis to be available for common users. Neuralink itself said that the availability of the product to the general public might take long.
"Brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) have the potential to help people with a wide range of clinical disorders.", explained the research paper.
In case the company sticks to the presentation at the conference, the usage of gadgets and AI would change forever.

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Featured photo: Neuralink
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