Who Is Using Social Media The Most? This Infographic Delineates It!

Can you imagine your day without social media? The answer to this would most probably be a “NO” from a massive majority which also represents the fact that the world is more connected than ever today.

If we go by the statistics then nearly two-thirds of the world population is hooked to their screens which also summarizes 4.4 billion internet users in total around the world who come online every day. While the usage of internet can be debatable considering how some use it for work and others for play, the social media alone on one hand has had a bigger impact by completely changing the way people interact with each other online and offline.

In fact this is what we are going to discuss today with the help of useful infographic created by Global Web Index that is based on comparison between key generational and regional differences of social media usage. The data was compromised by taking the perspective of nearly 114K internet users and this alone would highlight how people from different age groups are using social media in their lives.

Baby Boomers

Although baby boomers often come last in every category that is based on any kind of research about social media, there are still some surprises to go by. Boomers have actually shown the greatest increase in activity on social media platforms as you can see in the infographic that their usage of Instagram and Whatsapp is up by 59% to 44%, when compared to where they stood in 2016. These numbers are double the global average!

Generation X

Known as the MTV Generation, these people witnessed technology taking off in shapes of wireless phones and personal computers. However, they don’t seem pretty obsessed by it till date. On average they spend two hours per day on social media, which is way less than their successor Millenials and Gen Z but more than predecessors Baby Boomers.


As millenials have always been discussed due to their love for social media and also how their mental health is at risk due to pressures exerted by society through social media, the good news is that there is finally a decline in the number of hours they spend on social media. From 2017- 2018 the screen time of millenials on social media is down to 2 hours and 38 minutes a day. The generation is much more interested in real life experiences and the evolution has also occurred due to the fact that millennials openly admit about social media causing them to overspend in order to impress their people.

Generation Z

Born into a world where the internet was already dominating, Gen Z surpasses millennials by spending 2 hours 55 minutes every day on social media. The list is filled with majority of Generation Z-ers from North American, Latin American and European who are not only in love with Facebook but also other multimedia based platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Who Is Using Social Media The Most? This Infographic Delineates It!

How Users Are Spread In Total?

Social media keeps things simple by only considering the number of unique users on a platform each month as their parameters of success. So if you are more interested to know how the top 5 social media companies stand in this category then here are the details.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) as of October 2019

Facebook: 2.4 billion

YouTube: 2 billion

WhatsApp: 1.6 billion

Instagram: 1 billion

Twitter: 330 million

Social Media Driving Retail Forward

As there have been constant improvements in how social media has shaped up into how it is today, users can now go beyond connecting with friends to finding careers, stay tuned to global events and even find love. But something bigger than all of that is happening and that is how the e-commerce industry is now moving into the future well hand in hand with social media.

Social media sites are considered perfect for product reach, brand engagement and online purchases. The companies can now also reach out to “influencers” who apparently happen to be a great guide for millions of followers that they have. Altogether, it is just happening with pictures and a few taps on the mobile screen.

In 2018 alone, 72% of major brands admitted to base their marketing strategies around influencers. Followers too accepted that a recommendation by their favorite personality or friend did contribute a great deal in making the purchase.

So, Is Social Media Really Growing?

To put it precisely, social media is a broad, multi-faceted and complex industry which has a different impact on a wide range of cultures, age groups and personalities. So stats may argue that the activity is slowing down (which goes opposite to how the average usage of a person has gone up by three minutes in 2017-2018), we believe that the platforms would continue to give opportunities to people to keep on connecting better!

Featured photo: bigtunaonline via Getty Images
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