Google Has Introduced a New Account Switcher Design For Web

Google has rolled out a new design for the account switcher on the web apps. The web version of Gmail, Drive, Calendar and other Google applications have been redesigned for personal accounts but is not yet available on G Suite accounts. The new design resembles the existing mobile designs.

Out of several elements of web apps of Google, account switcher is just one of them that is to adopt the Google Material Theme-based aesthetic.

The new design function in almost similar way to some extend. In case, multiple accounts are signed in at the same time, it allows signing out of all accounts at once with just one click.

Screenshots below show the comparison between the old and new design that is rolled out. To check the redesigned version, go to Some of the users can already see the new design, however it will be rolled out to others soon.

The new design is similar to Google’s mobile app with the same account switcher UI designs from last few years. Finally, the old design has been renewed by the company for good.

Google Has Introduced a New Account Switcher Design For Its Web
New Design

Old UI
Old UI / Photo: Makeuseof

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