No more support to Flash, announced Google, HTML will continue the legacy. Alarming sign for Flash site owners

It was a time when we used to play games and see videos that are supported by Flash. It was a time when we had to download Adobe Flash to see videos and play games but now things have changed. Today there is HTML 5 that support animations and colours in a better way. That’s the reason why everyone is now forcing Flash to go to funeral bed, including Google too!

On Monday, Google published a post on Webmaster Central Blog in which it said that the company is ending to support Flash and its related SWF files. The Dong-Hwi Lee, the engineering manager of Google, wrote that it is the end of Flash now as Microsoft has said.

The manager further mentioned the importance of this software that it was once the most used software which made boring presentations interesting by adding colour due to which content creators got an immense chance to make eye-gluing content. He further wrote that it was downloaded by more than 500 million users in first six months of 2013.

The company has announced that it will not index or show any website which has Flash-supported content entirely, but, on the other hand, the Google Engineer wrote that it would not have impact on users of Google. The search engine said that it will support remaining content but SWF file will be removed.

The news has great importance for the developers and creators whose websites are deigned on Flash and dependent on Google to get traffic because now they have to make some improvements to get same traffic and success.

The world is moving ahead and now Flash is no more needed. However, it is not the failure of Adobe. In fact, it is the success of Flash because it is the presence of Flash that give idea to have improved technology and it is the Flash that gives rise to HTML5 and JavaScript. Therefore, its legacy and objective-to make the content interesting, will be continued!

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