YouTube’s Verification Program Becomes Stricter, Difficult for Small Content Creators to maintain their Checkmark Badges

YouTube is making their verification process stricter for creators, which might lead content creators to lose their verification badges. YouTube will remove checkmark beside the names of the content creators if they don’t meet the heightened criteria.

YouTube is planning to verify YouTube accounts of only those content creators that have 100,000 minimum subscribers. YouTube will only verify those accounts that show clear authenticity, as per YouTube’s new rules. The criteria applies to YouTubers, artists, musicians, and others.

Why is verification important for creators?

A checkmark besides the name of the creators is a proof that they are prominent members of community. In addition, the checkmark helps the creators to appear as top recommendation when someone searches for related query. Removing the verified badge can leave the content creators upset especially at a time when people are already raising concerns regarding YouTube’s treatment of their community.

What is the next step by YouTube?

YouTube will also notify the creators if their badges will be removed or not. After this development, the creators can appeal the decision before the changes take final stage in the late October.

The verification of channel or creator will be done after verifying the prominence of the channel both in and out of YouTube that the company needs to authenticate them.

The company can be authenticated in simple steps, that is, the channel needs to be owned by the company or the creator that it claims so that YouTube can verify these channels and give them a checkmark.

These new verification rules by YouTube are rolled out to moderate search recommendations in a better way. YouTube executives have said that they want the content to come from the authentic channels and creators when it comes to several topics.

According to a press release, the YouTube’s team will be handling the verification process. Moreover, the channels that fall under the rules of the new policy don’t have to apply for verification as they will be automatically handed out to them.

Many creators have complained about this new policy on YouTube. On the other hand, YouTube have already denied the rumors and have cleared the air over the new verification program.

The creators have also blamed YouTube for not showing the checkmarks on the mobile apps.

YouTube have tweeted that they will soon add the feature. Also, YouTube has tweeted that the new policy will help users to detect the official YouTube presence of the creator they are looking for.

In a final tweet, YouTube has given the message that everyone is an important part of YouTube community regardless of badge or no badge.

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